Calf Roping / Breakaway

Quade Hiatt_Action

Jr American Tie Down Champion - Quade Hiatt

Jade Kenney_Action

Jr American Break Away Champion - Jade Kenney


Jr American Top 15 Tie Down Finalist


Jr American Top 15 Break Away Finalist

Jr American Fort Worth Tie-Down / Break-Away Finals

Once Qualified, no further fees are due at finals.  

Qualify Max 2x per division

Patriot Event Optional Jackpots offered all week. Same arena as semi-finals. 

Calf Roping Information

March 1-6 2021

Will Rogers Memorial Center
Fort Worth, TX

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"WOW! What a pleasure it has been to be a part of such a great event. We have now produced four great years of Calf Roping at the world famous Patriot Event.  As we prepare for 2020, the excitement is building! We will be hosting the last chance qualifier and semi-finals for the 2ND Annual JR American Rodeo! My team and I are super excited and honored to be a part of the team!"

Managed by Future Stars Calf Roping | Rising Stars Calf Roping

Chris Neal

Phone: 479-462-7275


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Calf Roping / Breakaway Registration

Get Qualified at one of the many Jr American Qualifiers held throughout the Season.  A last chance qualifier will be held at the Patriot Fort Worth Event.  Get registered at 

Participants can qualify up to 2x in each division.  Age requirements are your age the day you qualified.